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Apra Law is a law firm legally established in Vietnam, offering comprehensive and optimal legal services with strengths and experiences in Corporate & Investment to domestic and international Clients including both individuals and organisations. With a view to growing into a long-term, sustainable and efficient partner in legal consultation, Apra Law’s spotlight falls on the assemblage of dynamic and professional lawyers willing to international integration and armed with solid expertises and experiences accumulated during practice at reputable law firms. Additionally, our legal team always flexibly applies their intensive knowledges on governance and risk assessment to show Clients the ways to the best outcomes.

Apra Law defines and upholds a set of quality criteria for legal services delivery. Each of our services is put to the test to ensure that it is of the highest quality and efficacy. Apra Law is on a mission to demonstrate its worth by offering legal and practical solutions for a variety of large, complicated transactions involving several parties from across the country and beyond the border.

Apra Law believes that Client satisfaction is the cornerstone to a company’s success. Our strategy focuses on risk assessment and orientation of solutions, and we provide our Clients with clear and precise responses. With devotion and professionalism, we will receive, research and resolve any concerns from Clients, no matter how simple or complicated they are.

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Apra Law does not stop at simply providing legal services, but also carries with it the mission of creating and developing an ecosystem that can comprehensively and effectively support Clients. This is also the key factor that creates the unique trait of Apra Law.

We aim to build Apra Law into a leading law firm with quality services, expertise and extensive knowledge, thereby affirming our position in the domestic and international markets.


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