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The Vietnam Music Copyright Protection Center (VCPMC) has just been honored by the International Alliance of Music Copyright Protection Organizations (CISAC) in the Global Revenue Report on Copyright.

Global copyright revenue tends to decline sharply as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

Specifically, according to the nearly 53-page Report, global copyright revenue including music authors, film authors, literary, art and drama authors will decrease by 9.9% in 2020, or more than 1 billion euros as a result of the global pandemic. The total proceeds were reduced to 9.32 billion euros.

Measures to shut down the economies of countries around the world have cut revenue from the live performance and sound recordings industry by nearly half. Accordingly, live performances and background music performances through recordings decreased by 45% to 1.6 billion euros, specifically, revenue from live performances is estimated to decrease by 55%. However, according to the CISAC Report, this decline in revenue is partially offset by royalties collected from the digital sector, which has grown strongly in recent years, leading to digital revenue. digital increased 16.6% to 2.4 billion euros. This growth has been driven by the worldwide traffic and demand for streaming audio and video, and the strong licensing activity of many of the copyright protection organizations that are members of CISAC, particularly in the United States. Asia-Pacific and North America regions. Vietnam is on the list of leading markets for digital growth. Besides, the TV and radio sector – the largest source of creator income, decreased by 4.3% to 3.7 billion euros. Revenue from music copyright, which accounts for 88% of total copyright revenue, fell 10.7% to 8.19 billion euros.

Despite such strong growth, such growth clearly shows that the digital sector is still considered a relatively modest activity as it accounts for just over a quarter (26.2%) of total copyright revenue. 

Along with the impressive numbers of global creators’ Copyright income, CISAC also included in the Report Case Studies from a number of Copyright Organizations around the world on how organizations This response and response to the pandemic and their efforts to secure a source of income for the authors during difficult times of the pandemic. The Vietnam Music Copyright Protection Center – VCPMC is one of the organizations included in these CISAC Case Studies.

Achievements of VCPMC in copyright enforcement

According to the report, the Vietnam Music Copyright Protection Center VCPMC, although established less than 20 years ago, has affirmed its position and value and has become an essential pillar supporting the music industry. author in Vietnam. VCPMC has witnessed continuous growth over the years, with the growth rate of the whole sector in 2020 at 11% and continuing to maintain in 2021, despite the pandemic situation and the flawed regulatory framework. in the field of live performance.

In 2020, the Prime Minister issued many drastic directives to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. Vietnamese businesses, including concert organizers, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, have been closed for a long time. Many licensees went bankrupt, putting pressure on VCPMC’s licensing activities. However, VCPMC can still distribute royalties on time, even advance to authors when they need it.

In addition, with the sharp decline in public performance activities, VCPMC has reallocated resources and hired 3rd party service providers to increase digital revenue. Digital revenue grew 44% year-over-year, offsetting a 54.4% decline in public and live performance. Investments are also made to help enhance processing of large amounts of usage data from DSPs (e.g. YouTube), work ownership, surveys, and licensing agreements with users and new platforms, such as Amanote, MusicMax, Deezer, Maxbro, T-Mobile and Twitch.

In addition to difficulties in the context of the pandemic, VCPMC also faces legal challenges in the field of live licensing, as performance organizers deliberately exploit loopholes in the legal framework. and evade their legal obligations under the copyright license from the VCPMC. So, to protect creators, VCPMC has to get involved in costly, time-consuming lawsuits with these event organizers. However, according to musician Dinh Trung Can, General Director of the Center for Protection of Music Copyright Vietnam: “We need to maintain these legal actions to protect the interests of the members. Litigation creates a deterrent effect, while raising awareness among copyright users. It also serves as a wake-up call to the authorities about the extent of piracy we are facing and shows the need to improve the copyright system.”

Currently, the Vietnam Center for Music Copyright Protection is the only representative – a member of CISAC that has signed agreements and bilateral cooperation with 76 collective management organizations (CMOs) and publishers, with Scope of application in 116 countries and territories around the world. Facing the challenges of the pandemic, right from the beginning of 2019, VCPMC has also innovated technology, getting closer to the world trend with many online communication and connection activities. Therefore, when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in Vietnam, the Center soon took measures to minimize damage, while maintaining a higher growth rate next year than the previous year, contributing to protecting good enforcement of copyright.

Article compiled from CISAC Annual Report 2021,


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