by Apra Law

Deeply understanding the importance of education, Apra Law is ready to give relevant advices to domestic and international clients based on their understanding of policies and regulations of Vietnam’s law and current situation, socio-economic and other influencing factors. We are pleased to contribute a part of our efforts to the stability and development of society.

Some key services:

  • Consulting and drafting documents for the establishment of educational institutions: Kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school, university, and foreign language center, informatics center, vocational training center, cultural fostering center, etc.;
  • Consulting on international education cooperation;
  • Drafting/reviewing the rules and regulations of the educational institution;
  • Consulting on the governance structure and professional operation of the educational institution;
  • Consulting and participating in the resolution of internal conflicts in the management, operation institution (between employers and employees or between management and shareholders) and/or dispute with state agencies
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