by Apra Law

Apra’s lawyers always keep up with the pace of change and apply complex regulations in the Vietnamese legal system to provide clients with accurate, comprehensive and effective advice in the field. land, marriage, family, inheritance and civil transactions.

Some key services:

  • Consulting on legal provisions related to land such as donation, inheritance, transfer, conversion, mortgage, land allocation, land lease, capital contribution with land use rights; Negotiating and signing contracts, representing settlement of disputes related to land and real estate; etc…;
  • Consulting on legal provisions related to Marriage and Family such as civil procedures related to identity, child adoption; procedures for marriage, divorce and child adoption involving foreign elements;
  • Consulting on regulations related to inheritance law such as inheritance rights and equality of inheritance; Rights and obligations of heirs; Payment and division of inheritance; procedures for drafting, amending, supplementing, replacing and canceling wills
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